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The Most And Least Expensive Countries For Broadband

by , Nov 24, 2017

A new study has found that there is a huge gulf in broadband pricing around the world. The research was conducted by UK-based Cable.co.uk and it found that a monthly bill for broadband in Iran would come to an average of $5.37. Generally, surfing the net is extremely cheap across Eastern Europe with the monthly price averaging $5.51 in Ukraine, $9.93 in Russia and $13.47 in Romania. In Western Europe, prices rise considerably and in Germany for example, somebody would pay an average of $34.07 every month for broadband.

In the United States, users have to pay nearly twice as much as those in Germany. The U.S. came in 114th overall with a monthly bill averaging $66.17. That’s nothing compared to some other countries and Burkina Faso in particular. The West African nation has the highest broadband prices worldwide with a monthly bill averaging a whopping $961.22. The country is chronically poor and about 97 percent of Burkinabes do not have access to the internet. When it is available, it’s concentrated in larger urban areas, though it is usually unreliable and almost impossible to afford.

Expensive Countries For Broadband

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