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Humayun babar’s nature photography picking up pace

‘Photography is the calling of my soul… They are just not pictures…They are words that define me…tell me who I am!’

These words that were spoken by Muhammad Humayun Babar kept on echoing in my mind.

As I browsed around his pictures, I felt a strange sense of longing in them, each picture had a story to tell, a story devoid of words, a story that wanted to be heard.

Before I get lost in the mysterious world of these pictures, let me introduce you to Mr. Humayun Babar, an upcoming nature photographer of our times. He is a banker by profession but has intense passion for nature photography. For him, it’s not just taking pictures, it a way to feed his soul.

Humayun babar’s nature photography picking up pace

The times we are living in, it’s not difficult for anyone to be a photographer. All you need is a DSLR, a few lessons from a photography workshop and VOILA!! We have a photographer in hand. The real essence of photography is only known by a few. It’s just not about a good camera and various filters that make you a photographer. It’s the vision that basically makes the pictures speak.

Talking about Mr.Humayun, before he could get his hands on a DSLR camera, had been taking some really magnificent picture through his mobile phone. I couldn’t tell the difference until I was told that those pictures were taken by a mobile phone. The difference I felt in his pictures was, the way he dealt with them. The pictures, if we look closely, are a mysterious entity all in all. They have a hidden story inside them, a story that the photographer is trying to show us. He doesn’t give words to his pictures. He leaves it to the audience to figure out what they all are about. But as you delve deeper into the world of his pictures you have a soul enriching experience. Whether it’s a small flower, a cloud, a tree or a simple passage way; each and every pictures takes you to an unknown world. They built an unusual connection with the audience and the photographer and as you look at them, the words of the photographer keep on seeping in your mind, telling you the whole story of that magical ride word by word. The existing world seems null and void once you are engrossed in the world of Mr. Humayun’s pictures. It’s a magical roller coaster ride into the world of the unknown, where you are at your own figuring out the reality of this world… the entity that is all around us, Our Lord, Our Almighty Allah, The Great!

Humayun babar’s nature photography picking up pace

This is the mystical ride we have while experiencing the photography of Muhammad Humayun Babar. He forte is just not nature’s photography but he has an art in capturing precious moments too. His photography speaks for him.

Very soon he is going to launch an exhibition of his master pieces in Al Hamra Art Gallery. Till then if you wish to inculcate your senses with his astounding pictures, you can follow his page on face book called HBcollections@hbcollectionsclicks. To avail his services you can contact him @ 03009473078.

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