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Economic Indicator Of Pakistan

An economic indicator is a statistic about an economic activity. Economic indicators allow analysis of economic performance and predictions of future performance. Economic indicators include various indices, earnings reports, and economic summaries.

Unemployment Rate5.9 %Dec/165.9
Inflation Rate3.8 %Oct/173.86
Interest Rate5.75 %Oct/175.75
Balance of Trade-294709 PKR MillionSep/17-325042
Government Debt to GDP66.5 %Dec/1663.2
Stock Market41243 pointsNov/1741031
Government Bond 10Y8.2 %Nov/178.2
GDP Annual Growth Rate5.28 %Dec/164.58
GDP284 USD BillionDec/16271
GDP Constant Prices11777600 PKR MillionDec/1611138200
Gross National Product12465443 PKR MillionDec/1611687052
Gross Fixed Capital Formation1647268 PKR MillionDec/161558295
GDP per capita1182 USDDec/161140
GDP per capita PPP4866 USDDec/164695
GDP From Agriculture2206357 PKR MillionDec/162210647
GDP From Construction287569 PKR MillionDec/16254251
GDP From Manufacturing1513752 PKR MillionDec/161441679
GDP From Mining331853 PKR MillionDec/16310715
GDP From Services6584437 PKR MillionDec/166228669
GDP From Transport1479021 PKR MillionDec/161421265
Unemployment Rate5.9 %Dec/165.9
Employed Persons57420 ThousandDec/1556520
Unemployed Persons3620 ThousandDec/153580
Population208 MillionDec/16190
Living Wage Family30448 PKR/MonthDec/1630326
Living Wage Individual16967 PKR/MonthDec/1616909
Wages High Skilled43600 PKR/MonthJun/1651100
Inflation Rate3.8 %Oct/173.86
Consumer Price Index CPI220 Index PointsOct/17218
Core Inflation Rate5.3 %Oct/175.4
GDP Deflator257 Index PointsDec/16251
Producer Prices219 Index PointsOct/17218
Export Prices703 Index PointsJun/17704
Import Prices1232 Index PointsJun/171234
CPI Transportation177 Index PointsOct/17176
Food Inflation3.24 %Oct/173.5
Inflation Rate Mom0.75 %Oct/170.63
Producer Prices Change2.3 %Oct/171.6
Interest Rate5.75 %Oct/175.75
Interbank Rate6.01 %Aug/176.01
Money Supply M04823755 PKR MillionAug/174675655
Money Supply M111773198 PKR MillionAug/1711654102
Money Supply M214306199 PKR MillionAug/1714170304
Money Supply M317788426 PKR MillionAug/1717629641
Deposit Interest Rate4.83 %Dec/166
Foreign Exchange Reserves19763 USD MillionSep/1720401
Balance of Trade-294709 PKR MillionSep/17-325042
Exports176427 PKR MillionSep/17196454
Imports471136 PKR MillionSep/17521496
Current Account-3557 USD MillionSep/17-4419
Current Account to GDP-1.2 %Jun/16-1
External Debt82981 USD MillionJun/1775747
Terms of Trade57.1 Index PointsJun/1757
Remittances4600 USD MillionMar/174760
Gold Reserves64.56 TonnesJun/1764.52

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