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Compliance, Regulations & Accounting: Living In A New Banking Culture (Facts & Figures)

(Outstanding position at the end of month)
1. Credit to Government Sector (A+B)8,109,4818,284,1949,129,5209,387,904
A. SBP Credit to Government Sector (Net)1,454,1732,010,7492,338,8442,537,888
B. Scheduled Banks Credit to Government Sector (Net)6,655,3086,273,4456,790,6766,850,015
2. Credit to Non Governmnet Sector (A+B)4,953,1924,868,5856,038,1256,016,574
A. SBP Credit to Non Govt. Sector32,60332,493132,628132,104
B. Scheduled Banks Credit to Non Govt.Sector (I+II+III)4,920,5904,836,0925,905,4975,884,471
I. Credit to PSEs749,837762,7461,012,3101,001,939
II. Credit to NBFIs128,901130,203138,894128,233
III. Credit to Private Sector (A+B)4,041,8523,943,1424,754,2944,754,299
A. Investment in Securities & Shares of Private Sector248,621256,805264,563260,019
B. Loans to Private Sector (1-4)3,793,2313,686,3374,489,7314,494,280
1. Loans to Private Sector Business3,337,3233,222,1783,962,2103,941,390
Agriculture, hunting and forestry285,096297,046297,493306,785
Growing of crops180,917198,557193,080193,257
Farming of animals (Livestock)74,63769,18176,83385,775
Agricultural and animal husbandry services1,5151,6072,4403,138
Agricultural machinery and equipments27,91327,60024,86324,137
Hunting, trapping, forestry & logging112102277478
Fishing, fish farming823831874870
Mining and Quarrying26,53428,65140,26742,852
Food products and beverages476,381408,952627,642595,996
Tobacco products3,3801,1929,3263,026
Wearing apparel, readymade garments59,33061,89574,93476,646
Tanning and dressing of leather; manufacture of luggage and footwear23,68722,35324,03924,985
Wood and of products of wood and cork,2,1572,0612,5822,762
Paper, paperboard and products41,13739,83443,19340,291
Printing, publishing and allied industries7,6246,9107,8498,570
Coke, refined petroleum products65,77566,13781,34171,493
Chemicals and chemical products270,388269,678304,676295,060
Rubber and plastics products31,41028,94736,50335,572
Other non-metallic mineral products69,24565,37989,71590,879
Basic metals87,26485,853107,931114,277
Fabricated metal products19,61916,20623,40924,492
Machinery and equipment22,66723,42727,74530,844
Office, accounting and computing machinery968335349312
Electrical machinery and apparatus52,87750,05560,62063,044
Radio, television and communication equipment and apparatus6,0564,7415,8975,807
Medical, precision and optical instruments, watches and clocks6,7176,6125,8955,553
Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers20,16324,85220,76923,517
Other transport equipment4,9076,1826,9307,805
Furniture and fixture2,2832,3732,6863,021
Jewellery and related articles728595705716
Sports goods4,3754,2044,5884,588
Other manufacturing n.e.c.23,72722,31934,92330,363
Ship breaking and waste / scrape (junk) etc.25,89023,33925,97129,518
Electricity, gas and water supply305,159305,326365,261371,535
Commerce and Trade265,501264,601308,247313,308
Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles13,37814,14017,10916,207
Wholesale and commission trade137,311128,584148,032157,737
Retail trade114,813121,877143,105139,363
Hotels, restaurants and clubs etc27,96226,62635,17131,550
Transport, storage and communications181,826176,538211,004214,657
Real estate, renting and business activities114,125118,433132,453139,054
Health and social work5,0655,2574,9876,452
Other community, social and personal service activities26,61229,10630,34630,884
Other private business n.e.c42,19835,15854,49740,165
2. Trust Funds & NPOs14,20814,22216,84718,126
3. Personal433,471445,728504,460531,502
Bank Employees108,891102,090110,766115,520
Consumer Financing319,002339,308389,549407,917
For house building48,15349,95460,68867,012
For transport i.e. purchase of car etc111,960117,706150,281161,453
Credit cards25,56627,02730,08131,664
Consumers durable7646541,701235
Personal loans132,558143,967146,799147,552
4. Other8,2294,2096,2133,262
Total Credit (1+2)13,062,67313,152,78015,167,64515,404,478

P : Provisional

  1. Loans Include Advances plus Bills Purchased & Discounted but exclude foreign bills. Credit may be arrived  at by adding “SBP and Banks’ Investment in Securities & Shares”.
  2. Classification of Private Sector – Business based on International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC), Rev. 3.1 of United Nation adopted from Dec 2003.
  3. The Credit Data may not tally exactly with data given in weekly Monetary Assets tables due to time lag difference and with data of Monthly Depository Corporations Survey which is on Accrued basis and includes data pertaining to NBFCs.
  4. Islamic Financings, Advances (against Murabaha etc) inventories and other related items previously reported under Other Assets has been reclassified as credit w.e.f June 2014.

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