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Growing education and youth’s role in politics can build Pakistan an economic world power

Growing education and youth’s role in politics can build Pakistan an economic world power

Interview with Muhammad Talib Ahmed – Chief Executive Officer, Affan Traders


Muhammad Talib Ahmed, a young entrepreneur, set up his organization named Affan Traders in 2016, which is a surgical items’ wholesale supplier in Karachi and Lahore and would be giving service throughout Pakistan in future.


MUHAMMAD TALIB AHMED: 14th August may be an ordinary date of the English calendar for the rest of the world but it holds immense importance in the life of every Pakistani as it is the independence day of our beloved country. 14th August, 1947 is considered as the most remarkable day in the history of Pakistan as it marks the Independence Day of our country. To pay tribute to the sacrifices of our leaders and people, and to celebrate the independence of Pakistan, we all celebrate 14th August every year with great passion. The Independence Day is celebrated with all joy and pleasure to show our happiness of being independent on the map of the world. The entire nation celebrates the Independence Day to thank Allah for giving us separate homeland where we can spend our lives according to the teachings of Islam.

It gives me pleasure that public holiday is observed with the mood of celebration in all governmental, non-governmental offices, organizations, educational institutions and major markets are closed so that people can have a day off work to enjoy the 14th August. It is great to see many people showing their love and affection towards the country on 14th August by dressing in the colors of green and white, which are off course Pakistan’s official flag’s colors.

People all over Pakistan celebrate Independence Day with great patriotic zest to let the world know that we are a lively and peaceful nation. Along with rejoicing the Independence Day through celebrations and fireworks, we must pay homage to those who devoted their lives for Pakistan’s freedom movement and made sacrifices to attain a separate independent country for us. Long Live Pakistan! Ameen


MUHAMMAD TALIB AHMED: I love Pakistan as I love my family. We have witnessed too many ups and downs in Pakistan and sometimes I go through very tough times but still this is my country and this is my identity. The role of youth in politics seems to be missing and needs to be promoted for the betterment. One possible solution for the betterment is to improve the problems of education system. I am extremely bullish on Pakistan’s economic future due to various reasons. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will serve as a catalyst for Pakistan’s economy and would primarily benefit the cement and steel industry. The newly launched Global MSCI Pakistan ETF offers US investors exposure to Pakistan’s economy by investing in a diverse portfolio of approximately 32 securities.

I have noticed, along with other South Asian contributors that ETFs are often not a pure representation of a country’s economic potential and have also personally observed that actively managed funds offer a superior alternative to outperform a stock market index/ETFs. Investing in strategic, high-growth industries while selecting stocks with lower valuation and higher dividend yields, is one of the clear cut ways to outperform.

Pakistan is going to be a world economic power in next two decades, Insha Allah.


MUHAMMAD TALIB AHMED: We are full of patriotic feelings and our future is very bright. There are many examples of people who have elevated themselves and been very affluent in terms of class due to their hard work and skills. People like Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, Arfa Karim youngest Microsoft Certified student in the world, as well as, from Swat valley Malala Yousafzai, were not born in big political or elite families but their work is marvelous. Especially in the case of Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman, who changed the higher education landscape of country. Youth needs to follow such examples and should create examples like these and many more amazing individuals. We need to pursue education and educating others which has more value as they will do the most good with it. Three basic principles given by our great leader Quaid-e-Azam such as Faith, Unity, Discipline are somewhere in the wilderness. We need to come up to the expectations of our great leader and do something great to take the nation to the heights of success.

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