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Bargad, an organization for youth development, held a press conference in Karachi Press Club and briefed about progress of its ongoing project, entitled, “Safe Charity Awareness Campaign”. Bushra Sadiq, project coordinator of the campaign, informed during the press conference that objective of the project is to sensitize particularly the business community about safe charity practices and promote credible and well-documented non-profit organizations and charities as rightful recipients of public donations in Karachi. “This is in view of the risks that many militant organizations may try to collect funds through their front welfare organizations”, she added.

She said that “the Youth of Karachi and students of local universities i.e. IBA, NED, IOBM have met with welcoming response by the business community during the awareness campaign on safe charity. After taking training, the young peace champions and social mobilizers have so far undertaken 23 social action projects to reach to more than 1500 shopkeepers and spread the messages of donating to deserving people. The campaign has been executed in markets of Saddar, Paposh Nagar, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Sakhi Hassan, Pehalwan Goth and Chanesor Goth areas.”

She said that organizing social actions in markets proved to be a life-long experience for the peace champions. Shopkeepers and community stakeholders have participated in signature campaigns, literature distribution, information desks, role plays and mobile exhibitions run by the peace champions.

At this occasion, media anchor and academic Dr. Huma Baqai while lauding the efforts of the organizers said that few people realize that some charitable and service organizations serve as fronts for international militant groups, providing them funding, material, recruits and more. She said: “this can not only put our society into more conflict but also compromise Pakistan’s position in the international community.”

A young peace champion, Abdul Bari, who took part in the awareness campaign, said that Pakistan ranks seventh in the World Giving Index and more than 650 billion rupees are donated annually to charities. “While it was a source of pride, people have to also be very careful in giving their charity”, he added.

Project coordinator of the campaign in the end thanked all participating universities, members of market associations and the Karachi Chamber of Commerce who have supported this compelling campaign.


It was a day of overwhelming emotions as the six-day long Young Leaders Conference (YLC) 2017 ended on a high note last Monday. An annual affair organized by the School of Leadership (SoL), YLC is a rigorous, thought-provoking leadership program, with the aim of providing participants with courage and passion to shape a better future for themselves and for those around them.

’Social Action’ was the last day’s theme and was moderated by Waqar Ali, Consultant at SoL. Waqar encapsulated the purpose of the myriad of sessions, simulations, field visits, panel discussions held throughout the conference. Being the champ of three YLCs himself, Waqar shared his experience and also provided the right impetus for participants to turn into trailblazers.

This was followed with a plenary session moderated by Shireen Naqvi, Founding Member at SoL and with YLC alumni, who have made a name for themselves in the business world. The ’Project Gallery Walk’ session followed next, where participants were asked to design the structure of the Social Action Project (SAP) they would be submitting to the SoL management. The last few hours were spent reminiscing, networking, sharing moments and the unforgettable memories formed within the span of six days.

For Mehak Ameer, the woman who led this year’s conference, it was a moment to savor. “When you put so much into something, invest your blood, sweat and toil, you also end up having expectations. But not in my wildest dreams did I expect such an outburst of euphoria. I am extremely proud of my team for making this possible,” she remarked.

’The 300í was the theme of 16th YLC, and all 300 participants are required to plan, design and execute a project aimed at improving an aspect of the society around them, which are to be completed within 6 months after the conference. This helps them carry home constructive and measurable goals and inspires them to initiate change. Upon completion of the project, the participants submit their reports, in order to receive their certificates.

SoL is supported by its founding partner English Biscuit Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. (EBM) – an organization with a long established history of working with passion for the cause of youth empowerment. Each year, ACM Gold, Fauji Fertilizers, and Mobilink, long known for their devotion to the cause of inclusively and integration are dedicated cause-partners, The YLC vision of youth empowerment and leadership is shared by and reflected in the efforts of all our partner organizations. The next event of YLC will return in 2018 with fresh knowledge to enrich the lives of more youngsters.


Philips Lighting (Euronext Amsterdam ticker: LIGHT), a global leader in lighting, continues to push the boundaries of LED lighting innovations at the 8th IEEEP Trade fair and Conference taking place August 1 through 3, 2017 in Expo Center Karachi. The company is introducing new offerings designed to help reduce energy and operating costs, improve eye comfort and space utilization, and deliver value that goes beyond illumination. These latest technology advancements combine the accumulative improvements in energy efficiency with enhanced quality.

“Philips has been revolutionizing lighting for over 125 years. We pioneered the world changing development of electric light and LED, and are now leading the way in intelligent lighting systems. Our deep understanding of how lighting positively affects people, enables us to deliver innovations that unlock new business value to our customers. By delivering fresh ideas and energy-efficient solutions to consumers and professional customers, we are improving lives every day and everywhere. With technological innovations fueled by deep customer insights, coupled with our trusted brand and global leadership positions, we’re leading the global lighting revolution. Our growing product portfolio focuses not only on customer needs today, but also anticipates how they will change and evolve in the future,” said Asad Jafar, Chairman & CEO, Philips Lighting Pakistan.

Philips Lighting will be showcasing the following new products at the 8th IEEEP Fair 2017 in Hall 4, booth #46-49:

ColorReach Powercore gen2, RGB: High-performance LED fixtures are premium exterior long-throw dynamic color changing luminaires for lighting tall buildings, bridges, and iconic structures. ColorReach Powercore gen2 offers a range of accessories that allow for customizable beam angles for floodlighting, spotlighting, wall washing, and grazing, along with the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of Powercore technology in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing.

ColorBurst IntelliHue Powercore – Architectural and landscape LED spotlight with intelligent white and color light brings the precise control of color and high-quality tunable white light in the same luminaire for outdoor wall washing and spot lighting applications. The IntelliHue technology delivers 80+ CRI (2700 K – 4000 K) and the ability to tint any CCT between 2000 K and 10000 K above and below the black-body curve.

Philips RoadGrace LED- A new benchmark for LED roadway lighting. With the RoadGrace LED luminaire, customers can upgrade to an energy efficiency solution, and amazing flexibility with its five optic options, optimized for multiple road and street applications, such as freeways, intersections and crosswalks.

Philips SceneSwitch LED range – a unique range of light bulbs which provide three light settings in one bulb, meaning consumers can select the right light for their needs just by switching the existing wall switch on and off. The Philips SceneSwitch LED range caters for this need, allowing consumers to use their existing light switch to select the light scene best suited to a given task.

Philips Essential LED- is an affordable LED range that is suitable for replacing older incandescent, ecohalogen or fluorescent lamps. It provides a natural lighting effect as well as instant energy savings – an environmentally friendly solution. The Philips Essential LED family is designed for spot and general lighting applications in the hospitality, retail and home segments. This new range reduces electricity costs thanks to significant energy savings, has longer lifetime minimizes re-lamping for reduced maintenance costs. The new LED bulbs range for the consumer is designed to deliver a non-glaring light that is energy saving and long lasting, giving more ambient light that is bright yet comfortable for the eyes.

Philips LED technology means the bulbs consume up to approximately 88% less energy than incandescent bulbs and is estimated to last up to 15 years, offering greater energy savings over longer periods of time. Our consumer LED range balances sophisticated design and quality performance with the market’s desire for simplicity, affordability and comfort.

Visitors to the Philips Lighting booth at IEEEP Fair will also have the opportunity to experience the newest achievements in the industry transformation to systems and services. Through our connected lighting systems, we continually seek to improve the lives of our customers, strive to provide the best lighting experiences and drive greater energy and cost efficiencies. And by extending lighting into the Internet of Things we are unlocking even more value for our customers and partners through capabilities and services that go beyond illumination.


Saeed Ahmad, President and CEO of National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) visited Bahawalpur and Multan to participate in town hall meetings in a bid to boast employee morale. The theme of his speech was based upon the importance of building relationships with employees for organizational growth.

“At NBP, employee well-being is highly valued, and we understand the correlation between employee happiness and customer satisfaction, which translates in to overall organizational success. For this purpose, NBP shall be launching a host of employee welfare initiatives during this year.” Saeed Ahmad stated during the town hall in Bahawalpur. “Moreover, the ongoing restructuring is being carried out to empower our field staff, enable relationship building between line managers and subordinates, and strengthen customer service. These endeavors will inculcate a reward culture throughout the organization, which inevitably will propel NBP to a leadership position within the industry.”

Saeed Ahmad, after assuming charge as NBP’s President and CEO has embarked on the journey of continuous relationship building with field functionaries through conferences, focus group sessions and town hall meetings.

These sessions serve as a platform to identify and resolve issues being faced by the field staff, while forming a stronger bond between controlling and field offices, and boosting employee morale.

Saeed Ahmad’s visit to Bahawalpur held great significance for employees, as it was the first time ever that NBP’s serving President and CEO visited the city. Apart from holding a town hall meeting, the President also inaugurated a new building for one of NBP’s Bahawalpur branches.

The President and CEO used the occasion to also provide a vision for the bank, and the larger banking industry. He mentioned that NBP realizes the importance of Bahawalpur and Multan as emerging economies and is willing to assist people in profiting from the immense opportunities these cities provide in industrial, SME and agriculture segments.

NBP is also pushing ahead with its branchless banking agenda in a bid to bridge the divide between the banked and unbanked segments as per State Bank of Pakistan’s vision. Islamic banking is also high on NBP’s agenda with new products and services being developed to tap in to the potential this segment offers. The bank wishes to turn Aitemad, Pakistan’s 3rd largest Islamic Bank in terms of network, in to a leading name.

NBP is a learning organization and places high importance on learning and development amongst its employees as competition is getting tougher, hence out of the box thinking is the key to success. Specialized training programs have been initiated across all grade and job functions for employees to learn new skills and translate learning into practice for organizational success.


Khushhali Microfinance Bank (KMBL) has achieved another laurel for their exemplary banking practices. In March 2017, MicroFinanza Rating began an independent assessment of KMBL’s policies and practices with respect to globally set principles of client protection. After completion of the assessment, the bank has been conferred a SMART Certification by MicroFinanza Rating for successfully demonstrating adherence to the industry’s Client Protection Principles. The certification is an independent, third-party evaluation that publicly recognizes financial institutions that take adequate care of their clientele.

The SMART Campaign is a global initiative made up of microfinance leaders from around the world who believe that protecting clients is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. By providing microfinance institutions the tools and resources they need to deliver transparent, respectful and prudent financial services to all its clients, the SMART Campaign is helping the industry in achieving its two goals of helping clients and attaining long term financial success, as well as making microfinance a model of responsible banking around the world.

While acknowledging the recognition, Ghalib Nishtar, President, KMBL said: “The SMART Certification has been made possible due to our committed employees who work relentlessly to deliver the vision of KMBL in its true essence. I would like to extend my congratulations to everyone who is part of the Khushhali team and urge them to keep up their efforts to treat the people they serve fairly.”

KMBL is one of Pakistan’s leading microfinance institutions. It is expanding its network of 147 branches and 24 service centers across the country to reach out to more and more people in remote and marginalized areas. This supports State Bank of Pakistan’s financial inclusion agenda for the banking sector in Pakistan.


The Energy Department, Government of Sindh and K-Electric have inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to raise public awareness around Energy Conservation and actively promote Energy Efficiency Initiatives.

The MoU was inked at the Consultative Workshop on “Pakistan Solar and Renewable Energy Program, (PSREP) which was organized jointly by the World Bank and Government of Sindh.. Through the initiative, the Government of Sindh will also facilitate K-Electric in conducting energy reviews of various Government of Sindh offices to recommend energy efficient practices.

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Fakhar Ahmed, Chief Marketing & Communication Officer, K-Electric’s said, ’We are pleased to collaborate with the Sindh Government in driving an energy efficient approach and are grateful for their support. K-Electric is committed to energy conservation and carries out a robust public awareness campaign to help preserve the country’s precious resources. To date more than 1.3 million consumers have been reached through these campaigns, including more than 50,000 school children.”

KE has a dedicated function for energy conservation and launched the ISO 50001 Energy Management System within the organization to achieve optimal energy performance. This has allowed the utility to further integrate energy management, efficiency and conservation into its overall operations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impact.

In addition, K-Electric actively promotes best practices for Energy Conservation through campaigns addressing residential, industrial and commercial consumers. The utility also conducts energy audits of large energy consumers such as industries to suggest ways to improve their energy efficiency.


JS Bank has joined hands with Nestle Pakistan under the Prime Minister Youth Business Loan (PMYBL) program to generate opportunities for young dairy farmers, between the ages of 21 and 45 years, by helping them develop new or grow existing businesses. Through this partnership, JS Bank aims at providing a maximum amount of Rs. 2 million to help these farmers and livestock owners to optimize their potential income, consequently ensuring a better lifestyle.

This collaboration between JS Bank and Nestle will form a system of mutual values and growth by assisting the farmers in enhancing milk production utilizing best practices and knowledge shared by Nestle Pakistan and enabled by JS Bank through rebated PMYBL loans. Loans to these farmers will be given out at a 6% mark-up.

JS Bank, one of the fastest growing banks in Pakistan, has 307 branches in 152 cities all over Pakistan including one international branch. It is committed to its role as a catalyst in the formation of progressive partnerships that aim at fostering economic and social growth in Pakistan.


In order to highlight the significance of Business Intelligence (BI) and demonstrate its application for improving the decision making capability of senior managers of public universities, 1 day session was held for Vice Chancellors of Public Universities at Hotel Margalla, Islamabad on July 20, 2017. The session was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Arshad Ali who underlined the significance of Information Technology for the entire higher education sector during his opening remarks. Specific to application of BI, he emphasized upon increasing the utilization of BI tool which is already available to all universities. He stressed upon utilizing these tools by universities as these tools help Vice Chancellors and other senior managers to improve their competence and accordingly they can take timely and value-added decisions (strategic as well as tactical) pertaining to improved governance of their respective universities.

BI is a set of methods and techniques that are used by organizations including universities for tactical and strategic decision making. It can be integrated with any type of reliable data source available in the universities that includes MS Excel, MS Access etc. Its major objective is to enable easy access to data (and models) to empower business managers with the ability to conduct predictive analysis. Using the BI, the managers of universities can transform data into information and knowledge so that decision making capability can be improved. In short, BI is the tool for enabling data-driven governance and for universities it is instrumental for good governance.

During the session, above mentioned capabilities of BI were demonstrated through Oracle based Business Intelligence tool (OBIEE) and ‘Power BI’ – tool that has been provided by Microsoft in its MSOffice 360 package. Power BI embedded with MSOffice 360 is already made available to all universities through Microsoft Education Alliance facilitated by HEC. During the session, the participants were made aware of this utility that at present is underutilized in public universities. Specific to this aspect, Mr. Anwar Amjad (HEC) stressed upon the need of utilization of IT tools including Power BI for which each university is already paying.

The session was attended by 38 senior managers including 24 Vice Chancellors/Pro-Vice Chancellors of 27 public universities across Pakistan. The execution of session was facilitated by Mr. Mahesh Ahuja (HEC) with the support of IT Division of HEC.

Mr. Imran Batada, Director ICT, IBA Karachi was the resource person who provided insights about the application of BI and its usefulness for university and entire higher education sector. He also demonstrated BI’s application on existing data models (templates) with real time data. He shared best practices to be implemented in the universities and explained how to overcome challenges that universities are currently facing. The questions related to policy making and challenges for developing these data models were answered by Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Dean & Director of IBA Karachi. The entire session was interactive and participation of Vice Chancellors/Pro Vice Chancellors was remarkable.

At the end of session, IT Division of HEC, represented by Ms. Aneela Tanveer and Muhammad Awais Javed presented the strategic roadmap of IT Division of HEC. They ensured IT Division’s commitment to provide continuous support to universities for infrastructure and application development/maintenance.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Dr. Arshad Ali, Executive Director, pledged HEC’s continuous support to all universities where interest for automation exists. He also asked Vic Chancellor’s about their feedback on the session who categorically supported the idea and suggested similar sessions to be facilitated by HEC.

Executive Director, HEC also thanked Mr. Imran Batada for conducting this session without any charges. He also appreciated the services of Mr. Mahesh Ahuja who made every effort to ensure successfulness of session despite his service contract with HEC as IT Consultant is ended in June 2017.


Institute of Business Administration (IBA) and Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the participation of IBA as knowledge partner for 17th ITCN Asia 2017- International Exhibition & Conferences. The MoU was signed by Mr. Imran Batada, Director ICT, IBA and Dr. Khursheed Nizam, President, Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan.

The two organizations expressed their objective to work together to benefit IT industry.

The objective of this MoU is to bring forth the potential of ICT sector, benefits of CPEC and provide a platform to startups to showcase their projects. Mr. Imran Batada, Director ICT, IBA, congratulates the whole team of ITCN Asia and said, “This year again IBA is happy to collaborate with ITCN Asia to deliver, IBA may take advantage of this platform to showcase its startups and final year projects since ITCN have a high impact factor. In addition, IBA will also help ITCN in the conference for selection of the track, keynote speakers and moderation of event. This year we are also going to add two conferences in ITCN Asia; “CPEC and IT Industry of Pakistan” and “Challenges of Digital Security for Media”.

Mr. Umair Nizam, Vice President & Project Director- ITCN Asia, Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. expressing his pleasure said, “This is the second year of our collaboration with organization such as IBA, a leader in Education sector. This year ITCN Asia is being organized on a larger scale and because of CPEC a large number of foreign participation has been confirmed. IBA and ITCN Asia together aim to deliver more effective conferences and facilitate the mutual sharing of best practices and expertise to make this platform relevant and effective for the IT & Telecom Industry of Pakistan.


In the ever changing Pakistani corporate industry, employees now demand top notch jobs and benefits, while employers look to hire the best of the best. If you aren’t making your top workers happy, another company may grab their attention and recruit them as soon as possible. To make sure the chances of that are minimized, here are five tips that will help you make sure your employees are around for years to come.

1. Create the Right Culture
Your first and foremost task should be finding employees who will fit right into the culture you are trying to create within the organization. They should feel a strong bond with your company and your culture should be attractive enough to hire the right ones. Whether the workplace has a formal outlook or a very casual one, the employees should feel at home.

2. Avoid Micromanaging
If you’re hiring talented individuals, there’s no need to manage all the tasks yourself. Allowing your employees to participate in projects that they have not before will help them grow as employees and as individuals. Whether they end up succeeding or failing, they’ll learn either way.

3. Introduce Unique Perks
Another way organizations can retain their employees is by introducing perks with the said job. This will not only boost up the morale of the employees, but the workplace will also have a healthy environment where employees work stress free, knowing they have a set amount of perks to enjoy. Entertainment should be made mandatory and activities should commence on a monthly basis.

4. Offer Them Benefits
Oftentimes, what organizations lack is proper job benefits allotted to the employees. The benefits vary from designation to designation, but should always be a part of the job. Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto & Home Finance options should all be readily available for the employees, since these are some of the benefits that can make a huge difference for them.

5. Pay Them On Time
The biggest issue employer’s face to this day is the salary processes. One way to resolve these issues is to go for a customized banking solution. Faysal Bank’s PayCheqPlus is a convenient option in this regard. For starters, it offers employer’s access to Cash Link, FBL’s online banking portal to make real-time disbursement to employees from their premises at their convenience. PayCheqPlus also provides Option to open payroll accounts of their employees by simply uploadingbulk payroll file without any hassle of branch visit. In addition to host of free services on employees accounts, they can avail a Consumer Finance Products such as Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto & Home Finance, and more.

For more information on FaysalPayCheqPlus, log on to http://www.faysalbank.com/personal/deposit-products/faysal-paycheq-plus/


DWP Group along with its foreign company partner Fuji Electric participated in the IEEEP FAIR 2017 Held at Karachi Expo Center on 1st – 3rd August, 2017.

DWP Group has now joined hands with Fuji Electric to support Pakistan industry, Building and Utility Infrastructure with proven technologies to ensure that energy can be supplied in a stable, reliable and optimal manner. DWP Group is a leading business entity in Pakistan with core focus in Consumer Electronics (GREE ACs and EcoStar TVs), Power (UPS, Solar and batteries), System Integration (EMC and Lenovo), Networks (CISCO), Document Technology (XEROX) and HVAC (GREE) whereas Fuji Electric is a globally renowned name in power electronics industry with 90 years proven track record. Fuji Electric combines its power electronics products with measuring instruments and the internet of things (IOT) and facilitates the advance of plant automation and visualization to increase productivity and save energy.

Both power business parties have a vision to evolve into a global organization where differentiation is created by knowledge, ethics and commitment; aspiring to be the most admired and respected company. DWP strives to be the first choice supplier to the customers by providing the best quality products and services with its highly motivated, trained, technology savvy and customer service oriented team.

Major Offered Products are: AC drives/IGBTS- MV/LV, Dry Transformers, AC Motors- MV/LV, Mini Turbines- Power generations, Special Transformers- Rectifiers/OSPs and Control Products- PLCs/EMS/BMS.

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