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Reap promoting renewable resources of energy in Pakistan

Renewable and Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) is the first-ever registered entity of the country in alternative and renewable energy sector with a mission to minimize the national dependence on conventional resources of energy by promoting renewable resources of energy in Pakistan. REAP is a non political, non profitable organization to serve the community without any discrimination of cast, creed, clan, gender or religious discriminations. It stands shoulder to shoulder with Ministry of Water & Power and Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).

As a mission Renewable and Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) is committed to uplift a pollution free clean environment for our future generation by fetching a revolutionary environmental change and mentoring in the country. It committed in depth of its mission to reduce national dependence on conventional energy resources and to induce new resources while working with area businesses, community groups to implement environmental projects that benefit community socially and economically. It also commits to face all the challenges of greenhouse effect for a sustainable healthy future to improve the social, economic and environmental well being of the community.

REAP is committed to promote energy independence and reduce greenhouse effect in order to achieve national energy saving targets which include:

– Minimize the national dependence on conventional resources
– Promoting renewable resources of energy in Pakistan
– Awareness amongst masses
– Skill development program s through trainings
– Standardization & Quality assurance


Manufacturing, integration, installation and trade support is available in following sectors:

– Wind Turbines
– Solar PV Panels
– Mini Hydro Systems
– Solar Water Heating
– Biogas, Biomass, Waste & Geothermal Systems
– Energy Efficiency & LED Products



Standing shoulder to shoulder with Ministry of Water & Power and AEDB, it is open to all.

Success story of REAP start from the successful conduction of the Steering Committee meeting in Islamabad, elections of the EC members, full session AEDB presence including the honorable presence of the CEO Mr. Arif Alauddin in the Founder Members meeting, registration of the Association, full participation of REAP in all the stake holders events of the energy sector in Pakistan, especial allocation of stalls from E-commerce gateway and display of REAP logo on all the energy relevant events, acceptance of the role of Patron and Patron in Chief by the CEO Alternative Energy Development Board & Federal Minister for Water & Power (ex-officious) in order, CDM meeting with Gtz, full session meetings of donors with REAP.


REAP will provide policy advice to the government and private sector helping in development of policy and plans for promotion and growth of renewable and alternate energy means in the country.

REAP will provide help to government, non-government and private sector in development of specifications for their tenders helping them in purchasing of right technologies.


REAP will provide platform for technical collaborations between technology providers and users and will facilitate technology exchange programs for promotion and development of RE and EE sector in Pakistan. The Association will also provide platform for networking of members with international technology providers and developers and associations.


– Feasibility development
– Technical specifications development
– Development of plans and policies
– Technologies assessments and evaluations
– Development of technology road maps
– Standards and criteria development

Pakistan has large untapped renewable energy resources in terms of wind and solar energy, not to mention its hydro and biomass potential, and it continues to draw further interest from companies looking to setting up renewable energy projects.

The government has taken pragmatic steps to harness the available renewable energy potential, diversify its energy mix and ensure sustainable development in the country.

The promotion and development of RE technology have generated a record investment in just one year, revealing the interest of investors in this sector. Foreign investors already poured over $3 billion into the renewable energy sector in Pakistan over the last year.

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