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Govt firmly committed to make up excellence in the education system

We accept that all humans have the right to get better education, but the quirk of fate of education in Pakistan remains dismal as last year spending in education sector as percentage of GDP, is 2.3 percent during 2015-16 which is very low. We believe that developing states are confronting with multiple challenges mainly high illiteracy rate. But I would also mention here that the allocation of resources is very important in any economy especially in this powerful sector.

According to HIICS (household integrated income and consumption survey) FY2016 at national/provincial levels with rural/urban breakdown, the literacy rate in Pakistan (population: 10 years & above) remained at 58 percent. It is also recorded that literacy remains much higher in urban regions 74 percent and in rural regions 49 percent. Province-wise statistics identified that Punjab and Sindh lead with 62 percent and 55 percent respectively followed by KPK with 53 percent and Balochistan with 41 percent.

The experts in the government departments are aware to raise the flows of resources in this sector through ensuring proper and timely utilization of funds in order to attain the goals of 4.0 percent of GDP till next year.

For achieving the goals, the present Pakistan government sincerely been trying to enhance the efficiency of the education for the last couple of years. The current government of PML (Nawaz) has allocated Rs2,961.926 million for the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training for FY2018. According to the government statistics a total amount of Rs576 million has been earmarked for new schemes by the Ministry of Federal Education, while Rs 2385.926 million will be invested on the ongoing schemes.

The allocated amount for the new important schemes included capacity building of education managers, with total funding of Rs26 million, while Rs500 million has been earmarked for National Education Reforms Initiatives. An amount of Rs50 million has been assigned for the teaching of the Holy Quran in BECS and NCHD schools. The ongoing schemes of the Ministry of Federal Education included establishment of NCC Secretariat for which Rs39 million have been earmarked, while Rs40 million would be invested on the National Best Teacher Awards and National Teachers Training Institute.

The government’s statistics also identified that an amount of Rs16 million has been allocated for vocational schools in public private partnership while 1,467 million will be spent on the establishment and operation of basic education community schools in Pakistan, moreover, a total of Rs737 million has been allocated for improving Human Development Indicators in Pakistan.

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