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Strong and stable CSR practices in Pakistan

Many of local companies here are still lacking in meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations and practices but there are certain other companies that have taken the lead and should be fully praised for their efforts in contributing towards the welfare of Pakistani citizens. It is a religious obligation that business communities in Pakistan must help ameliorate the quality of life of the employees and society at large.

Many views that Corporate Social Responsibility means merely paying taxes. Some are of the opinion that it is the contributing to community welfare or donating to organizations for social development purposes and community development while an insignificant number clearly understands that CSR means directly implementing social development activities and projects. In Pakistan there are hardly any consumer protection laws or effective price control and emphasis on quality and pricing is not there.

Perhaps there are number of companies use various means to attract consumers. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are one of the means these days. Every business has its social dimensions, CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility — has become an integral part of businesses today. The following are the some companies taking necessary achievements in order promote the social culture among their business growth.


According to the Unilever Pakistan’s Sustainable Living Plan, the company has outlined a number of goals to be achieved by the year 2020. It focuses on reducing the environmental impact of products through reduction of greenhouse gases, optimization of water usage and waste management.

Unilever is widely recognized as leaders in developing talent, it is regularly referred as the most preferred employer in the country. Universally Unilever is increasingly drawing talent from its operatives in Pakistan, opening new career.

Unilever has not overlooked the expectations of its stakeholders, and realizes its national and moral obligations ever so strongly with a strong sense of corporate social responsibility.


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) as a socially aware and responsible entity is determined to do its utmost in furthering worthy causes that contribute to the lives of individuals and help better the standards of society as a whole. Corporate Social Responsibility is a way of life at PTCL which focuses on the areas of health, education, environment and community development. PTCL holds eco-hike and tree plantation drive to preserve environment.

PTCL has held an innovative program for children of PTCL employees, aimed towards nurturing the children to be more responsible, creative and tolerant of differences.

PTCL awarded ‘Best HR Practices in Telecom Sector’ award at the 4th Global HR Excellence Awards 2013 held in Karachi. It has inked an agreement with the Collective Bargaining Agent (CBA), extending numerous financial benefits to the employees, coupled with additional EOBI pension benefits safeguarding their post retirement life.

PTCL physicians and dentists, aided by necessary paramedical staff and ambulance service, are providing the children with OPD cover, updating of medical record, dental examination, blood grouping and screening and emergency services including minor surgical procedures at the medical camp.


Pakistan’s humanitarian and social welfare services organization, the Edhi Foundation is looking forward to even larger than ever before public support, for its traditional Ramazan fundraising. For this purpose, the Foundation has partnered with Coca-Cola Pakistan in a multi-faceted fundraising campaign entitled ‘Bottle of Change’ that Coca-Cola will devise and execute across the country.

A key feature of the campaign will be that Coca-Cola will double all donations received during the campaign, up to a limit of Rs25 million, apart from spending a very large sum on a multi-dimensional publicity campaign for this great humanitarian institution. Edhi Foundation has previously always been receiving corporate support in terms of donations in cash and in kind, like ambulances.

Now the Coca-Cola and Edhi Foundation partnership for Ramazan fundraising is going a major step further, directly involving the citizens and exponentially raising the level of support being given to the Foundation.


The Corporate Social Responsibility commitments of Pakistan State Oil (PSO) include focus on four main areas namely: education, healthcare, environment, community development and disaster relief. CSR activities/initiatives must be in line with company’s focus areas and the Company’s mission/vision/business activities.

PSO should improve the economic, social, health and environmental conditions of the community at large where its products and services are available, or the physical environment in which PSO facilities are located. As part of its reporting standards, PSO publishes key facts regarding its focus areas and CSR activities through placement on the corporate website and its social media platforms. Activities regarding CSR activities in the relevant fiscal years are outlined in the company’s annual financial reports.


MCB Bank Limited holds an approved Corporate Social Responsibility policy by the Board that shows Bank’s commitment to serve the community. The Bank is one of the market leaders in the banking sector where it understands its responsibility towards the national economy. The strategy at the Bank has always been to safeguard the interest of both its internal and external stakeholders by strictly adhering to regulations and principles of good governance.

The Bank is always active in carrying out community services under its different programs. It has so far accomplished numerous projects and services in the areas of education, health, environment, sports, social awareness, promotion of culture and welfare of charitable organizations keeping in view the greater interest of its employees and its customers.

CSR at MCB Bank has continuously geared up its capabilities in order to act as an adequate point of convergence for the design and implementation of specific initiatives intended to further its engagement with the society and its people. These initiatives have also been appreciated and recognized by entities such as Pakistan Centre of Philanthropy.

MCB Bank believes in nurturing the talent of the individuals of the communities in which it operates. By initiating numerous projects and services that facilitate in a socially responsible way, MCB Bank ensures sustainability of the greater environment and social well-being of its employees. The Bank adheres to several key principles that accredit it as an institution. It is committed to creating a better work place and provides a cleaner environment through various initiatives for the good of the community at large.

MCB Bank believes in inculcating a culture of excellence, good governance, transparency, integrity and accountability through commitment to prioritize controls and compliance, thereby ensuring all activities is carried out in accordance with the prevailing regulations. In addition to covering the technical side, MCB Bank has a well-defined Code of Ethics and Conduct policy, a mandatory document that acts as a guideline for employees while performing their duties.


The government must play a positive role in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Pakistan by creating an environment conducive to investment, and by working with the corporate sector for the implementation of community development programmes at the grassroots level.

Besides private sector, several public sector organizations had also realized the importance of CSR and now contributing a lot for well-being of country deserves people.

Both local and international enterprises are paying great attentions on CSR in the country and had developed their CSR departments for effectively implementation of CSR policy by providing shelters, medical aids, food and clothing to the displaced and needy people. It is not only the responsibility of the government but private sector should also come forward and play due role in economic progress of the country.

The country is facing various challenges including energy crises and law and order situation, adding, the present government was working to overcome these problems.

The corporate sector must play a due role to contribute minimizing the suffering of people. It is a high time that private companies should adopt CSR policy and start CSR activities. Besides corporate sector, political parties of the country should also be held responsible regarding CSR which was a basic component for making improvements in the society.

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