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Top 10 telecommunication companies in Pakistan

The rapid increase in telecommunication companies in Pakistan show that the means of communications such as telephone, Internet and mobile communication are growing very fast. Pakistan has become the third telecommunication market that is growing very fast. Telecom organization of Pakistan is fast improving with the foreign and domestic mobile and fixed-line networks investment.

Here are some known telecommunication companies in Pakistan.

PTCL: In Pakistan, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the best telecommunication company. This company offers its best Internet and telephonic services throughout Pakistan. This company is the backbone for the telecommunication industry.

Different services and data like GSM, HSPA+, CDMA and LTE, broadband internet, IPTV and wholesale are the part of the business of this telecommunication company.

Three communication cable networks are the part of PTCL: SEA-ME-WE3, SEA-ME-WE4 and I-ME-WE.

It offers fixed wireless service through its worldwide network. PTCL is operating the largest CDMA with 0.8 million V-fone customers. This company is the basic part of the growth of Pakistani economic industry.

MOBILINK: In 1990, a new GSM cellular service was started in Pakistan that is called Mobilink. This company is the Pakistan’s best company that provides data and voice services and brings a lot of people together by its best products and services.

Through the largest portfolio of best services and strongest brands in the industry and with 38 million subscribers, Mobilink always maintained its leadership in the market. It provided uninterrupted connectivity to all over the country.

Mobilink launched Mobilink Foundation that promotes and supports health, education and environmental initiatives.

Exclusive and personalize tarrif plans are also offered by Mobilink. Mobilink offers prepaid and postpaid offers, packages, mobile internet, international services and other value added services.

UFONE: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) started its new brand named Ufone. In 2006, Ufone became the part of Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group after the privatization of PTCL.

In the beginning, Ufone has focused Pakistani people and provide them a power to know about the services and communication scales that are directly connected and make them sure that they can do a lot more than simply talk in affordable prices.

Ufone claims of its best network and services, clear sound, lowest call rates. It offers its customers simplified tarrif without charges. The network coverage of Ufone is ruling over 10,000 locations and highways of Pakistan.

Ufone is offering the fast growing 3G network. Some of the Ufone offers are 3G prepaid tarrif, 3G postpaid tarrif, SMS services, Intl direct dialing etc.

ZONG: China Mobile Pakistan (Zong) is a pan Pakistani mobile network. Its headquarter is in Islamabad offering the services of postpaid and prepaid plans, data services, mobile banking, 2G, 3G and 4G services as well. It’s the first China mobile company which operates its network in Pakistan.

TELENOR: Telenor Group is the international provider of about 13 markets in Europe and Asia that provides data, high quality voice and content and communication services.

As we know that Telenor Pakistan is the brand of Telenor Group. It is the second largest mobile operator of Pakistan because it has reported its subscriber more than 3 million.

After getting the GSM license in 2004, Telenor started its operation commercially in March 2005. About 2.3 billion has invested in the local economy from this company and it created about 25,000 indirect and 2,400 direct jobs.

This company has a network of franchises, retailers and sales and services that provides the jobs opportunities to thousands of Pakistanis. It’s headquarter is in Islamabad and regional offices are in Karachi, Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Hyderabad and Peshawar. It provides the services of mobile banking, 3G and 4G internet service, call and SMS packages at low rate.

WARID: Warid Telecom is a GSM, LTE based mobile company. It is the company of Abu Dhabi Group which is the major investor in Pakistan.

It offers its services in 7,000 destinations in Pakistan. 1n 2005, Warid Telecom launched the cellular services in Pakistan. It is the 7th mobile company in Pakistan, which started commercial operations. It postpaid, prepaid, LTE, GLOW, Mobile paisa, Mobile internet, International roaming and other value added services.

WORLDCALL: Worldcall Telecom Limited (WTL) is the company of Oman Telecommunications also named as (Omantel).

It is the most reliable and very different company in Pakistan which provides multimedia services. It started its operations in Pakistan in 1996, which has crossed a number of milestone such as Cable Broadband to Wireless Broadband, cable TV to Video Demand, LDI and fiber optic network to wireless local loop telephony.

WATEEN: Wateen Telecom is one of the largest fiber optic telecommunication companies in Pakistan that provide network services to fulfill connectivity requirements in Pakistan.

It produces services of internet, voice, multimedia and enterprise solutions and proves itself that it provides the communication necessities to all over Pakistan most broadly.

Also Wateen is the first company of the world which introduced WiMAX network commercially nationwide. It has also become the No. 1 wireless broadband service of Pakistan by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and has won the Consumer Choice Award for the “Best Internet Service Provider”. It also provides the services of residential broadband, small business, enterprise business and carriers & operators.

TRANSWORLD: Transworld Associate is a communication company of Pakistan. The 1,300 km submarine communication cable connects the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Pakistan. This telecommunication network is the backbone of Pakistan for international relationship.

NAYATEL (NTL): Nayatel network (NTL) is one of the Telecommunication Companies in Pakistan that has made Islamabad the most connected city of the world. Actually Nayatel makes sure the customers services and focuses on the quality.

The strategy of Nayatel is the fair dealing and ethical business. The passion of NTL is to make Pakistan a prosperous country that uses the modern IT technology and tools for development.

The value added services are eFax, iVOD (HD Movie Streaming Service), Channel Rating (TV Channel Viewship), BOD (Bandwidth on Demand), EFence (Intrusion Prevention and Alert System), Live TV Streaming, NMX TV (Your World of Entertainment), Nwatch (Watch your premises), Modern Home Cabling Guidelines, Ubroadkast, Video Conferencing, eView (connect from anywhere), Nwall (Internet Firewall Solution), NFi (a managed Wi-Fi service), NDrive (plug and play from anywhere) and E-Collaboration.

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