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Standard Chartered Saadiq products and benefits

Saadiq Current Account is a non-profit bearing transaction account based on Islamic principle of ‘Qard’, whereby the customer is the lender and bank is the borrower. The funds collected in Saadiq Current Account are only invested in Shariah-compliant business avenues, only like Murabaha, Musharaka, Sukuk, etc.

Saadiq Savings and Term Accounts are based on the Islamic principle of ‘Mudarabah’. Mudarabah is a special kind of partnership where one party gives money to another party for investing it in a business. The partner who invests is called Rab-ul-Mal (Investor), and the partner who looks after management is called Mudarib (Working Partner). Bank (Mudarib) invests the funds given by the account holder (Rab-ul-Mal) in Shariah-complaint businesses to earn profits, like in Islamic assets.

This profit is shared as per the pre-agreed ratio between the Bank and the customer. The product structure is based on a profit & loss sharing concept. In case of loss, the same is borne by the depositors in proportion to their investments, and the Bank (Mudarib) bears the loss of its efforts/services in managing Mudarabah.


– Shariah compliant
– No minimum balance requirement
– Unlimited deposits and withdrawals
– Saadiq Visa Debit Card
– Internet Banking
– Breeze Mobile Banking
– Phone Banking
– ATMs
– eStatements
– Transactional alerts through SMS and email
– Also available for Payroll customers
– Saadiq Foreign Currency Current Account
– Saadiq Sahulat Online Account
– Savings and Term Account


– Shariah compliant
– Profit is calculated on monthly average available balance and paid six monthly (30th June / 31st December)
– Monthly average balance requirement of PKR 200,000/- only
– Unlimited deposits and withdrawals
– Tier based profit rates
– Saadiq Visa Debit Card
– Internet Banking
– Breeze Mobile Banking
– Phone Banking
– ATMs
– eStatements
– Transactional alerts through SMS and email
– Saadiq Basic Saver Account
– Saadiq Term Deposit Account


Saadiq Credit Card is a Shariah-compliant credit card based on the Islamic concept of ‘Ujrah’. The term Ujrah means ‘fee or financial payment for the utilization of services’. A fixed monthly maintenance fee is charged by the bank for providing the benefits/privileges offered against each Saadiq Credit Card type.

This maintenance fee is charged on a monthly basis and remains fixed irrespective of the amount outstanding. However, the bank on its sole discretion can waive the charges for any given month.


– Shariah compliant credit card
– 5% cash back on fuel and grocery and 3% on electronics
– Discounts at select retail outlets in Pakistan and the UAE
– Saadiq Installment Plan with zero processing charges
– Fixed monthly fee regardless of the outstanding balance
– Up to 5 Supplementary Cards
– Free credit period of up to 51 days to pay for your purchases
– Internet Banking
– Breeze Mobile Banking
– Phone Banking
– eStatements
– Transactional alerts through SMS and email
– Saadiq Platinum Credit Card
– Saadiq WorldMiles Credit Card
– Saadiq Installment Plan Apply Online


– Shariah Compliant installment plan on purchases done through Saadiq Credit Card
– No extra charges
– No processing fee
– Up to 12 months easy installments
– Installment plan categories include Travel, Home Decor, and Electronic & Home Appliances


Saadiq Home Finance is based on the Islamic structure of ‘Diminishing Musharaka’. Diminishing Musharakah is a form of co-ownership in which Bank and customer share the joint ownership of a tangible asset (e.g. house) in an agreed proportion.

It is agreed that one of the co-owners (customer) will purchase, in periodic installments, the share of the other co-owner (Bank) until the ownership of that tangible asset is completely transferred to the purchasing co-owner (customer).

Furthermore, along with the purchase of share, the (purchasing) co-owner will also make agreed periodic payments (rent) for the usage of other co-owner’s share in the asset, till ownership of the asset is completely transferred to the customer.

However, the agreements of joint purchase, lease and selling of units will not be tied-up together.


Home Purchase: Buy a new home at competitive pricing

Enhancement to existing Saadiq Home Finance – Get enhancement on existing Saadiq Home Finance facility for that planned renovation/extension to your home.

Home Credit: Avail financing against your home for renovation/extension

Balance Transfer Facility (BTF) – Transfer you existing home finance at another bank to Saadiq Home Finance at competitive pricing


• Shariah compliant financing
• Up to 75% financing of the property value
• Up to 20 years financing tenor
• Zero bank processing charges
• Competitive pricing. For latest pricing please click here.
• Preapproved Saadiq Credit Card
• Furnish your home in easy installments with zero extra charges from Interwood and Habitt via Saadiq Credit Card

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