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Pakistan-Qatar bilateral cooperation set to grow

Pakistan-Qatar relations refer to the bilateral links between Pakistan and Qatar. Both countries emphasized on the need to increase the bilateral trade to correspond to the true potential of the two countries.
Pakistan has embarked upon a key reform program that aims at fiscal stabilization, mobilizing local resources and restructuring the energy sector which makes Pakistan an attractive destination for financiers from Qatar.
Pakistan has an embassy in Doha while Qatar maintains an embassy in Islamabad and a consulate-general in Karachi. Relations between the two are shaped by Pakistan’s usually close relations with the Arab world. Like other nearby Gulf States, there is a large Pakistani community in Qatar which numbers over 50,000. They work in diverse fields and send remittances each year.
During the 2010 Pakistan floods, Qatar offered timely assistance to Pakistan. Other than this, Qatar had assured the newly formed Government of Pakistan regarding investments in power sector and also would assist for Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Both the countries have inked BIT in 2009 and DTT.

According to experts, Pakistan exported goods of value $70.63 million to Qatar during FY2015 as compared to $80.56 million in the corresponding period last year showing fall of 12 percent. The goods imported by Pakistan from Qatar reached at $236.35 million during FY2015 as compared to $199.08 million in the corresponding period last year.

Trading products between both countries are mineral fuels, iron, steel, cereals, fertilizers, organic chemicals, meat and edible meat offal, plastics, articles of leather, animal gut, harness and travel goods, etc. There is sufficient trade potential that exists between the countries. If Pakistan utilizes the DTT and BIT well, it can reap much more exports from Qatar in the textile sectors.

Last year, Qatar Gas presently inked 20 years long term agreement with “GEIL Global” Energy Infrastructure Limited for the export of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to Pakistan.

In accordance with this agreement, Qatar Gas will export 1.3 million tons of LNG per year to the country for the period of 20 years, with the provision of raising the quantity to 2.3 million tone per year. The export of LNG consignments will be from “Qatar Gas 2” project which is considered to be the first complete project complex for NLG in the world, starting from the production level to export. First consignment is predicted to be delivered in the year 2018 aboard Q-Flex tankers that is leased by Qatar Gas.

Qatar Petroleum is the complete national oil organization that concentrates its efforts to develop, use and enhance the oil and gas products in the state of Qatar on the long run. Qatar Petroleum’s activities cover different levels of oil and gas industry locally, regionally and globally. It is also involved in exploration, filtration, production, marketing and selling of raw oil and gas, LNG, Natural Gas liquefied extracts, products of converting gas to liquid, oil products, petrochemicals, chemical fertilizers, Iron and Aluminum. In its attempts for distinction and innovation, Qatar Petroleum is committed to contribute in building a better future through completing the industrial needs and saving the environment and natural resources for generations to come while striving for highest standards of human, social and industrial development with a continues environmental development in Qatar and abroad.


No doubt Pakistan and Qatar enjoyed strong brotherly relations which would be further strengthened into sustained cooperation for the benefit of both countries.

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