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Punjab university to be brought among top 500 universities

University’s VC vows to ensure quality education to the students, uphold merit

Established in year 1882 at Lahore, the University of the Punjab is the largest and the oldest seat of higher learning in Pakistan. Located in the historical and culturally alive city of Lahore, this University is playing a leading role in higher education in the country apart from facing a number of challenges including administrative issues.

The University of the Punjab strives to provide a conducive environment for the pursuit of the academic activities. On account of its quality degrees, environment and low tuition fees the University remains the institution of first choice for admission seeking students.

Allama Iqbal Campus, named after the great South Asian thinker and mystic poet, with Islamic architectural design is in the middle of the bustling city of Lahore. Quaid-e-Azam Campus, after the name of the father of the Nation, is located 12 kilometers to the South of Allama Iqbal Campus.

The University has also a summer campus at Khanaspur, located at a height of about 7,000 ft. in the Himalayan range near Ayubia. This Campus, in addition to providing research facilities, is also used as a recreational centre for the faculty and the students. The University has also started Sub-Campuses at Gujranwala and Jhelum, with four disciplines i.e. Business Administration, Commerce, Law and Information Technology. Few more disciplines will be added in near future.

The University comprises of five Campuses, 13 Faculties, 10 Constituent Colleges, over 73 Departments, Centres, Institutes, and 614 affiliated colleges. It has over 818 permanent faculty members involved in teaching/research and over 36,000 on campus students.

In a chit chat, the newly appointed Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir has expressed his resolve to bring the university among top 500 universities of the world.

Dr Nasir said that he wanted international recognition of the university and raise productivity. He added that on the basis of a comprehensive policy, PU would be brought among top 500 universities of the world and it would play role in improving country’s economy.

Dr Nasir said that merit would be ensured and transparency would be observed in all the decisions and mechanisms. He said that the administration would focus on decentralization of power and academic units would be empowered to take decisions.

The vice chancellor said that there would responsibility with accountability and those who would be given responsibility would be accountable to their actions. He said that performance based incentives would be provided to the teachers and employees.

Dr Zafar Mueen said that key performance indicators (KPIs) would be developed for monitoring performance which will be communicated to all units. He said that under the supervision of the vice chancellor, assessment surveys would be conducted at the end of every academic year to audit performance of each academic unit.

He vowed that administration, finance and academics sectors of the university would be improved. He said the administration would ensure that teachers impart quality education to the students for increasing their productivity and polish their talent. He said that quality enhancement cell would be strengthened for this purpose. He said that the administration would also pay special attention to the character building of students and curriculum would be revised according to the needs of modern age.

He said that the problems of students would be solved at their doorsteps. He said that the administration would maintain peaceful environment on campus and stern security measures would be taken to ensure security of the university population.

Prof Dr Zafar Mueen Nasir further said that resolution of problems of lower grade staff was one of his top priorities and PU administration has set up Rs20 million welfare fund for employees.

He said that he had directed the office of the registrar to process all such cases in which employees were awaiting promotions and justice would be done in all cases. He said that he would make all-out efforts to resolve problems of the employees.

Dr Zafar said that merit in the University would be ensured at all levels. He said that comprehensive program has been chalked out to make the university a true learning institute, where students would fully concentrate on education. He said a comprehensive module for teachers is being prepared to check performance of teachers. There would be a complete system of check and balance in the varsity and only merit would hall mark in the university.

The new vice chancellor seems to have commitment to deliver something for raising standard of this historical university setting aside personal interests and by defeating the mafias’ active in the university at different levels. The need is to strengthen the university as an institution instead of making individuals strong.

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