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Hashmi group serving humanity with every best and quality products amid fast changing world of technology

Conversation with Mr Rashid Hashmi – CEO, Muhammad Hashim Tajir Surma


Mr. Muhammad Rashid Hashmi, belongs to the respectable and closely knitted legendary Hashmi Family. He is a renowned business executive in the economic arena of Pakistan. He got his secondary education from the Happy Home School, Karachi and graduated from National College, Karachi. He joined the Hamdard Tibb College, Karachi to fulfill his ambitions in Tibb, which is an Eastern Medicine System of Herbal remedies. Many government entities have acknowledged Mr. Rashid Hashmi and M/s. Mohammad Hashim Tajir Surma’s contribution/performance by awarding them with multiple accolades comprising of 4th Global CEO Excellence Award 2014, Consumer Choice Award to Hashmi Brands for 4 consecutive years, FPCCI Export Trophy Awards, Gold medalist 1st FPCCI achievement award, KCCI Export Trophy award, HR excellence award and many others. Mr. Rashid Hashmi, having the vision and spirit to upgrade the legacy of his ancestors with modern technology, has worked wonders in the Herbal Eye Care Industry worldwide and created a true manifestation of what we call as a role model for thousands of fresh MBA graduates of Pakistan who have embarked upon their first voyage to the corporate world.

PAGE had an exclusive sitting with Mr Rashid Hashmi regarding his success story in the field of human care. Discussion focus mainly was on his efforts and the brand developed over centuries. Following is what he said:

I have taken the Herbal Medicine business, started in 1794 by my ancestors, to a new dimension where things have become automated. Currently our partnership company, Hashmi Surma, Pakistan is one of the biggest advocates of Corporate Social Responsibility. The company has assigned itself as a responsible part of society, provoking a philanthropic approach to all communities dealt with.

I feel the importance of how a sound mind and body can make you win on every horizon of business. I enjoy every moment with my family having also several memberships to many a reputable yet lavish recreational Clubs, even going to gymnasium. I, like any other gigantic figures of past and present, have the opinion that support of wife is inevitable for a successful man.

My whole family including younger brothers have acted as Brand Ambassadors and attended several International Cosmetic and Health Fairs held around the world and today Hashmi’s line of products including Hashmi Surma, Kajal, Husk, Honey, Herbal Tea, Rose water mist and eye droppers, etc. exporting throughout the world focusing the Middle Eastern, South American and European Markets.

We always keep abreast with the changing market trends by inducting latest technologies, research and development tools, product 360 degree branding efforts through consistent advertising, quality control standards, etc.

The ‘Hashmi’ brand has become a household name in the sub-continent. Our untiring efforts have laid the foundation to formulate a successful corporate entity as it stands today.

I, with my utmost efforts striving for the best, hope that in the near future I would bring further name and fame to my Hashmi Family by the Grace of Almighty Allah.

For my all endeavors and efforts, I have received standing ovation.

I strongly discourage to look for shot cuts and advise aspiring entrepreneurs to gain maximum knowledge of the business/markets, gain experience and never look for comprises in quality for the sake of high profit margins, consistent hard work with dedication can take you to success.

I believe experience has no short cut and success is not only by luck. The company, Mohammad Hashim Tajir Surma, was established by Hakim Mohammad Hashim in 1794 at Bareilly, India with a handful of spirited people more than two centuries ago, working with meager facilities and limited resources with the idea of mitigating the sufferings of the ailing humanity.

MHTS engaged in producing superior quality Herbal and personal care products. All of our Herbal products are based on natural ingredients, which have been in used for centuries. With unique formulations exclusively prepared, well known all over the subcontinent for their curative and healing effects on the masses. For quality assurance and trust of our consumers over 200 years, ‘Hashmi’ brand has become a household name around the globe.

Hashmi products are available throughout Pakistan in majority of outlets both in urban and rural areas catering to all market segments ranging from A to C Socio Economic Classes.

The Hashmi Group has transformed over the years from a simple vision of providing top quality products to the consumers, exporting throughout the world especially Middle East, Africa, Asia and European markets.

Hashmi participates in all major international exhibitions and trade shows to enhance its market internationally. Hashmi has an extremely aggressive marketing entity, fully utilizing all forms of branding by giving 360 degree marketing approach in a creative way to give high share of voice from ATL to BTL activities, strategically throughout Pakistan and abroad.

Right from products manufacturing to packaging, marketing to distribution and so on, Hashmi has always been keeping the pace with international standards; Research, Technology and Advancement.

The steady growth and success of the company and the position it holds now is due to the family’s two hundred years’ experience and the trust placed in the company by its consumers from all around the globe. The entrepreneurial spirit of the founder is passed down from generation to generation as the pioneering spirit of a close-knitted family – Hashmi Family For Your Family.

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