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GCU Lahore soon to emerge world’s renowned university

University committed to excellence in academics, research and knowledge exchange

Government College University (GCU) Lahore is one of the leading educational institutions of the country where excellence is nurtured, pursued and celebrated since it’s inception in 1864. In its 153rd year of existence, this institution is cognizant of the national importance of enrolment in higher education while retaining its legacy by being supportive to social, academic and research community.

GC university values underpin our vision and mission, and are integral to guiding the implementation of our strategy towards teaching, learning and research. GCU pursues its mission with courage, innovation and pluralism. We are committed to excellence in academics, research and knowledge exchange, a spokesman of the University said.

According to him, GCU’s academic and career opportunities are balanced with a campus lifestyle with an outstanding array of sports, cultural and social choices by getting membership of more than 50 societies and clubs. All of these elements i.e. teaching, scholarships, academic support, selection of programs, co-curricular opportunities make GCU different from other institutions.

“We endeavor to achieve our goals through our distinctive approach in disseminating knowledge based on curriculum, inter-disciplinary courses, the student experience, research, linkages with the industry and the community.”

He said generations of students, staff and alumni have added on to the repertoire of the Ravian flare, and I am confident that these graduates of today and tomorrow will keep on contributing to the glory of their Alma Mater. The exalted image of this esteemed institution will not only benefit the future students, but also the boundless global community which will be the recipient of gains from GCU’s knowledge leadership.

The 15th annual convocation of GCU Lahore was held in which Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was the Chief Guest. Shahbaz Sharif, who himself is old Ravian told the audience that the Punjab government is taking revolutionary steps to equip its youth with latest knowledge by prioritizing quality education from last eight and a half years.

According to him, education is undoubtedly a vital investment which later repays you in the best way that’s why Punjab government is vigilant to provide international standard quality education that will prepare our youth to cope with the present situation and will develop analytical and critical thinking, skills and attitude that will make them more flexible and innovative to deal with uncertainty and crises at national and global level.

In this regard, Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF) is the biggest initiative in the history of Pakistan and South Asia through which more than 1 lakh 75 thousand less-privileged but talented students getting quality education and with the income of this 17 billion rupees project, scholarships worth of 7.5 billion rupees have been distributed at merit basis.

Applauding the contribution of Government College University Lahore for promotion of standard education, Chief Minister announced 10 crore for endowment fund of university.

Shahbaz Sharif has said that they are the future of Pakistan and our all hopes lie with them. He expressed his joy over the chance to visit his institution where he himself been a student once and said that this prestigious institution needs appreciation who is playing its part very well in the struggle against terrorism and economic instability by educating its student up to the mark.

He said that earlier access to higher and quality education was only possible for cream of the crop but we have provided the deserving with their right and set up the biggest education endowment fund in the sub-continent for intelligent students of poor families to get education in local and foreign prestigious educational institutions.

Initially started with 2 billion rupees from 2008, the project has increased to 20 billion rupees now and today it is bringing into being doctors, engineers and scientists who are playing their part in the development of the country, he shared proudly. Had such an educational fund been set up 70 years ago, no child would have remained deprived of education and billions of youth would have been playing their due role in national development, he regretted.

Shahbaz Sharif assured full assistance to the institutions like GCU Lahore who are working hard for promotion of education. He said that people of subcontinent under the dynamic leadership of Quaid-e-Azam scarified their lives with a hope to attain individual homeland where justice would be order of the day and everyone will have access to basic necessities of lives according to the teachings of Islam but due to lapses of previous governments we have to made huge compromises. Now we have to play our part to bring back the lost glory to our homeland by providing resources to spread education at grass-root level. He said that today Pakistan is heading towards brighter future from all fronts and soon will arrive the time when it will get its due status at international level.

While acknowledging the services of VC Professor Dr. Hassan Ameer Shah, the Chief Minister said that within very short span of time he has rendered remarkable services towards institute and it is hoped now that GCU Lahore will emerge as world’s renowned University soon.

He recalled that he was also a student of this institute and eye-witness of the dedication of teachers and education standard maintained here. He also remembered his respectable teachers who taught humanity first lesson to him and he assured VC that he himself will look into the matter of PC-1 and will compensate the wasted time.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Rs100 million will be transferred to GC University Endowment Fund by the end of this week which will facilitate some other less privileged talented students and will provide them with the chance to serve their country.

Moreover, Sidra Amin and Zara Ahmad Khan, the two famous international sportswomen of Pakistan, were awarded their postgraduate degrees and prestigious rolls of honor in sports.

Sidra Amin, the star player of Pakistan women’s international cricket team, received her degree of Masters in Physical Education and Sports Rolls of Honor in Cricket, while Zara Ahmad Khan, the centre-forward of Pakistan’s international Basketball team, was conferred upon the degree of BSc (Hons). In Biotechnology and Sports Rolls of Honour in Basketball and Tennis.

Saifur Rehman, Hamza Malik, Hassan Yaqoob and Shoaib Ahmed also were awarded sports rolls of honor in Bodybuilding, Swimming, Hockey and Wrestling respectively.

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